• Amplificador dispositivos digitales Ref. 5090
  • Amplificador dispositivos digitales en colores Ref. 5090
  • Amplificador retro sin cables blanco Ref. 5112WE
  • Amplificador retro sin cables negro Ref. 5112BK

Audio amplifier

Reference: CM5090
Amplifies the sound of digital devices. Place the device on top and the music will be amplified. Does not need connection wire needier bluetooth! It can also be used as a conventional speaker with a 3.5mm connection jack or a power adapter. Integrated Li-on battery. Available in 6 colors.
Measures: 12,8 x 8,1 x 3,5 cm.

Reference: CM5112
NFA Amplifier, with a nice "vintage" look, works just placeing the device (Telephones or other mobile devices with external speakers) on top. You do not need wires or Bluetooth! If your music device does not have an external speaker, you can connect (with 3.5mm connection jack). Uses 3 AA batteries as a power source (batteries included). Colors: White and Black
Measures: 12,5 x 7,7 x 4,7 cm.

All models have an area to be printed