• Altavoz Bluetooth color negro Ref. CM5077
  • Altavoz Bluetooth con forma de cilindro Ref. CM5107
  • Altavoz Bluetooth con luz led azul Ref. CM5062
  • Caja de presentación Ref. CM5077
  • Altavoz Bluetooth con ventosa Ref. CM5093

Bluetooth Speakers

Reference: CM5077
Bluetooth Speaker V3.0. Modern and minimalist design. Finished in black rubber. Black presentation box.
Measures: 4,3 x 5,1 cm.
Reference: CM5093
Bluetooth Speaker with suction cup. Integrated microphone to answer mobile telephone calls. Colors: White, Black, and Red.
Measures: 6,2 x 5,9 cm.
Reference: CM5062
Bluetooth speaker with blue LED light. Excellent sound quality with powerful bass.
Measures: 5,1 x 5,6 cm.
Reference: CM5107
Bluetooth Cylindrical Speaker V3.0. Li-Polymer 300 mAh integrated battery.
Measures: 4,3 x 5,1 cm.

All models have an area to be printed