• Set de lápices Antonio Miro Ref. 7236
  • Set de lápices Balenciaga Ref. Cinemo
  • Estuche lápiz alargador marrón Faber-Castell Ref. Perfecto

Brand Pencils

Reference: PERFECTO
Silver or platinum Graf von Faber-Castell pencil, with replaceable eraser hidden under the cap. Adapted pencil sharpener, inside the cap which also serves as extension and protector. Presented in matching box.
Reference: 72360
Set of 3 Antonio Miro pencils, with black rectangular presentation box.
Reference: CINEMO
Set of 3 Balenciaga pencils, with elastic clip and leather finish. Silver Cylindrical presentation box.
Reference: PERFECTO Box
Gift box with PERFECTO pencils, the Perfecto pencil with UFO aluminum protection extension, with built-in sharpener. B hardness graphite pencil with eraser. The spring clip securely fastens. Graphite lead is protected against breakage. Colors: Brown and Black

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