• Dragón parque Güell Gaudí
  • Banco parque Güell en Barcelona
  • Chimeneas casa Batlló en Barcelona
  • Chimeneas guerreros de la Pedrera
  • Bandeja cuadrada mosaico Gaudí
  • Bandeja redonda Dragón Gaudí

Craft Gaudi’s ceramic

Gift and decoration ceramic items, traditionally manufactured, being the main lines: the prestigious Gaudi’s collection and an new created line of modernist inspiration, all hand painted.

The quality of those product is what has allowed them to obtain the PAQ distinctive granted by the Catalonian Government, to some small craft industries, because they are, as its name states: Handmade Quality Product.
Each handcrafted piece includes a numbered tag to identify it.

We can also make any product design and customize it according to your needs..