• Clip de metal personalizado Winclip
  • Clip de metal personalizado Axionclip
  • Clip de metal personalizado Markclip
  • Clip de metal personalizado en láser todos los modelos
  • Clip de metal personalizado Cornerclip

Custom metal paper clips

The custom paper clip is a particularly suitable to enhance the logo or company name colorfully and stylishly. Add your own paper clip to all documentation for your image to be always present.
The paper clips subtly enhance your mailings, product launching campaign, corporate identity or a complete advertising campaign.
Paper Clips Models: Wingclip – Axionclip – Markclip - Cornerclip
Pad printing
Minimum Order: 2,500 units for models: Axionclip and Wingclip , this model is always personalize on both sides.
Minimum Order: 1,000 units for the Markclip model.
Minimum order: 500 units (all models)
Engraved in low and high relief
Minimum Order: 5,000 units for the Cornerclip model.