• Bolígrafos Fischer Bullet con clip colores variados
  • Bolígrafo Fisher Bullet cromado con clip
  • Bolígrafo Fisher Bullet grip con puntero táctil
  • Bolígrafo Fisher Explorer cromado y negro con clip
  • Bolígrafo Fisher Cap o Matic negro con clip Swarovski
  • Bolígrafo Fisher Cap o Matic cromado con clip Swarovski

Fisher Space Pen

American company founded in 1945 to manufacture pens that work in extreme conditions, including space with gravity zero, no atmosphere and extreme conditions.

This brand is used by NASA astronauts, firefighters, drivers, pilots, military and generaly in activities that require a pen that always write, under water, on oil, on any surface , in any position , with temperatures ranging from -45 degrees to 121 degrees.

Bullet chromed with clip et pen
Bullet with clip and assorted colors
Explorer, chromed and black with clip
Bullet grip Stylus with nomal clip and pointer touch
Cap o Matic chromed and black with clip and Swarovski stones

All models have an area to be printed