• Teclado plegable bluetooth Ref.-5103
  • Cargador coche y aparatos electrónicos Ref. TRA5013
  • Soporte para móvil Ref. MB5036
  • Kit cables adaptadores Ref. MB5043
  • Bolsillo de silicona para móvil Ref. MB5046

Mobile phone accessories

Reference: CM5103
Bluetooth Folding keyboard V3.0 of silicon. eyboard QWERTY with 87 keys. Wireless communication, up to 10 meter. Compatible with almost all Bluetooth allowing devices. Recharge wire from Micro to USB included. Measures: 31 x 10,2 X 1,5 cm.
Reference: MB5046
Silicone Pocket for Mobile. With Scotch tape on the back. It is easily locked and unlocked to the back of the telephone. Scotch tape fits both telephones and mobile covers. Ideal for carrying documents all in ones. Colours: White, Black, Blue and Red.
Measures: 8,6 x 5,7 cm.
Reference: MB5036
Mobile Telephone Holder. Where to put the lie telephone meanwhile is recharging? This handy stand is foldable, easy to use and carry.
Measures: 10 x 9,3 x 0,6 cm.
Reference: TRA5013
Dual USB Car Charger. Recharge all electronics devises on the road. Protects the devises against overheating and overcharging. When connected, the ring around the charger will turn on with a blue light. 3.1 Amps, it has enough power to charge the tablet.
Measures: 5,7 x 3 x 3 cm.
Reference: MB5043
Case with kit of silicone charge wires. Includes for iPhone, USB and micro USB adapters. Colours: White, Blue, and Red.
Measures: 5,2 x 5,2 cm.

All models have an area for printing